11 March 2009


Hi, Friends!

Today I would like to tell you about meaning of colors, because it’s very important for creation of numeric Mandalas. I’ll try to be clear and give you necessary info to define all aspects of color used in Mandalas.

Meaning: light, quiet, lucky, purification, healing, chastity, virginity, unity, integrity, concentration. The color of purity and spirituality. White color gives you energy, elevates and purifies you.

Meaning: night, quiet, darkness, mystery, challenge, water, static. The color of Absolute. Infinity and the female life power. Contributes to the completion of unfinished forms of your inner resistance. It strengthens the power of Spirit.

Meaning: fire, heat, energy, life, activity, prosperity, the active male energy, passion.
Color of activity. Provides energy of survival. It activates the creative impulse. It has a special power of will and power.

Meaning: femininity, kindness, harmony, love, tenderness, delicacy.
The color of Heart love. Awakens the love of life. It helps to find answers within themselves. Gives the energy of love.

Meaning: movement, rhythm, joy, sensuality, humility, spirit, sunshine.
Color of the Sun. It provides the harmony of polarities, by aligning the male and female perception.

Meaning: intuition, reason, sense, wisdom, freedom, divine insight, delight. Primary Color Mother. Emerging interest in spiritual values. Heals the mind and body. Forms spiritual immunity, protects from low vibrational energies.

Meaning: the universe, life, faith, harmony, softness, updating, integrity. The color of immortality. Contribute an objective vision of the world. Gives energy to the realization of the conceived.

Meaning: peace, clarity, creativity, lightness, word knowledge, idea, loyalty, wisdom.
The color of truth. It fills with optimism and purifies your thoughts. Develops the ability of foresight.

Dark Blue
Meaning: The universe, time, depth, mystery, harmony, sustainability, knowledge, protection, wisdom, peace. The color of spiritual renewal. Harmonizes and leads in the balance of all aspects of life. Gives the ability to identify causal relationships.

Meaning: intelligence, mentality, understanding, knowledge, faith, mystery, inspiration, humility, spirituality. The color of the soul. Helps to take everything that happens in life with a calm heart. Imbue vigor of inspiration.

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