20 March 2009

SACRED GEOMETRY: geometric forms


Sacred Geometry has a great connection with spiritual practices. Following these laws closer us to the comprehension of the Spirit and the essence of things. It allows to experience an expanded state of consciousness, connects us with the highest potentials of conscious, restoring the memory of human infinite possibilities.

Geometric symbols are visual tools that configure us with harmonious rhythms of nature. The Universe is unified mechanism that works in accordance of rhythm laws. These laws are hidden in the nature and each form is created on the basis of them. Without rhythm existence, it could not be Universal connection of things. Sunrises and sunsets, moon phases, sea fluxes and refluxes are rhythms. And we, people are the embodiment of rhythm. It means that with relevant experience and knowledges we can change our own rhythm in the right direction.

The ancient yogis believed that learning rhythm control leads the person to immortality. The chaos begins when the rhythm is broken, which gives mental instability and body illness. When we meditate or contemplate, we tune and set our internal rhythm with the rhythm of the world.

Simple correct shapes of Universe like cosmic vitamins, which supply valuable substances to our soul. They could be antidote of visual pollution, which we often are exposed. Every thought and every image leave a neurochemical trace in our mind. Geometric symbols stimulate these traces and reveal the mind to understanding the life processes. If you will meditate long time for the selected image or situation, you’ll see how symbolic form of geometric shape crystallizes at your subconscious, which corresponds idea, intent or thought of meditating. Applying this method, we resonate in unison with Universal order. There is a merger of human consciousness with the harmony of Universal consciousness, the mind connects with Divine.

These basic principles of nature help us to gain vital harmony and balance. It allows to accepting our existence and enjoying the life. I will tell you what images and geometric shapes can be effectively used to meet the challenges and achievements of the various states. This will help bring balance to the different aspects of your life and your attitude towards them. I'll start with the most basic geometric shapes and structures gradually moving to more multiple.

It’s end for today, my friends. And tomorrow I plan to tell you about the most basic figure of sacred geometry, which is called - the point and from which all starts:)

P.S. In my collection there is wonderful mandala, which I like so much. Just want to share its warmth and love with you. Enjoy!


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