31 March 2009



The chakra word in Sanskrit means «Wheel» or «range», in the context of yoga - «vortex» or «whirlpool». The human body consists of a countless number of energy centers (chakras), among which seven core: muladhara, svadhistana, manipura, anahata, vishuddha, ajna, sahasrara.

Chakras are energy (prana) centers in the structure of human body. They are located in certain areas of the body in form of prana energy vortices, which manage the circulation of prana and permeate all the substance of human. That’s why it’s so important pay particular attention to the chakras.

Working with chakras awakens mental capacity of human, gives understanding and vision of the own reality. It’s happens gradually of chakra awakening from muladhara to sahasrara. Chakras determine the path that everyone must pass in order to realize its maximum potential.

There are many meanings and interpretations of the chakras. In this article, I relied on the works of Swami Satyananda Saraswati (Bihar School of Yoga), as his knowledge based on years of practical experience.

And now we turn to each chakra separately.

The muladhara word in Sanskrit means «basic foundation». Muladhara chakra is primary basis of individual human being. It’s a springboard to achieve higher levels of life understanding. It is enormous amount reservoir of the vital energy and related to the sexual aspect. Responsible for the instinct of self-preservation, immunity and longevity. Balanced muladhara chakra is guarantee of body energy stability. People with dominated influence of this chakra have extraordinary physical strength and endurance.

Location: perineum region
Symbolic image: deep red 4 petal lotus

СThe swadhisthana word in Sanskrit means «own habitat». Swadhisthana chakra is the sexual center. Due the fact of located this chakra next to muladhara chakra, their quality are very similar. It’s connected with everything that brings pleasure through the senses: food, sex, conversation, etc. Responsible for communication and self expression. People with well shown swadhisthana are confident and have a special attraction.

Location: base of spine, coccyx (slightly above muladhara)
Symbolic image
: red 6 petal lotus

MANIPURA CHAKRA (solar plexus)

The manipura word in Sanskrit means «city of gems». Manipura chakra is the center of prana (energy) in the structure of human body. It’s a center, which allows a person to enter the direct contact with the subtle cosmic energies. Manipura radiates and distributes prana energy throughout the all body. Without this chakra people were be completely deprived of vitality. Manipura is the center of energy and dynamism. People with well shown Manipura are very active, socially stable and authoritarian.

navel region
Symbolic image: bright yellow 10 petal lotus


The anahata word in Sanskrit means «virgin» or «never got a blow». Anahata chakra represents the center of human consciousness. This chakra is accumulation of emotions. It’s responsible for the ability to create (art, poetry, music). Disclosure of this chakra leads to deep and lofty feelings: unconditional love, loyalty, acceptance. People with open anahata radiate a comprehensive love and total acceptance of all around into the World.

Location: heart region (center of chest)
Symbolic image: blue 12 petal lotus


The vishuddha word in Sanskrit means «purification». Vishuddha chakra represents the speech center. It purifies and harmonizes all opposites. Responsible for the creativity in all areas of life. Disclosure of vishuddha chakra promotes compassion and leads to the reunification of all polarities: love - hate, kind – angry, good - evil. People with open vishuddha carry the world light and harmony. Typically, they are very sociable, easy to interact with the environment and have strong creative abilities.

Location: throat region (thyroid gland)
Symbolic image: violet 16 petal lotus

AJNA CHAKRA (third eye)
The ajna word in Sanskrit means «management». The most common name of ajna chakra is third eye. It symbolizes the gates to the source of life. Ajna chakra is the center of extrasensory perception and immediate transfer of thoughts from mind to mind. Through this chakra, people can communicate and understand each other without words. Responsible for the conscious perception, mental abilities and memory. Ajna opens the door to inspiration and creativity. Disclosure of ajna chakra leads to enlightenment.

Location: between the eyebrows (forehead center)
Symbolic image: silver blue 2 petal lotus

The sahasrara word in Sanskrit means «lotus flower». Sahasrara is the highest spiritual center, which brings all chakras together. It’s a center of the cosmic consciousness and boundless source of knowledge. Sahasrara connects people with higher levels of existence. Through this link, you can get any answers. In fact, sahasrara chakra is infinite as the Universe itself. The scope of its impact lies beyond the words – it’s the scope of answers without questions.

Location:: crown of head
Symbolic image: 1000 petal lotus, all colors include


30 March 2009


Hi friends!

Recently I have found few interesting images of Navajo sandpainting mandalas and, of course, want to share them with you. It is addition to the article «Navajo mandalas». Who is not familiar with this topic, please follow here.


FOUR DIRECTIONS: bird, lizard, turtle

FOUR DIRECTIONS: bird, lizard, turtle

FOUR DIRECTIONS: when coyote stole the fire

29 March 2009



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28 March 2009



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26 March 2009



Triangle is triune nature of the Universe – earth, sky and human. Triangle is one of the most powerful and universal symbols. The first of plane figures in Sacred Geometry and one of the most significant. Triangle is the first cosmic form, emerged from the chaos that preceded creation. Triangle inside a circle means triune, the world of forms, enclosed in eternity circle. Swastika inside triangle symbolizes cosmic harmony. Three triangles of rays form represent an ancient form of World Triple Light.

In various ancient cultures great importance attached to this form. In antiquity times with triangle associated origin of Milky Way and three stars - Deneb, Vega and Altair, which forming triangle shape on the sky. Chaldean religion equilateral triangle symbolizes the light of life. At Pythagoras school the same form means light, symbol of health and wisdom. Ancient Egypt triangle was a symbol of beautiful and fertile land. In Hinduism, point-down triangle representing the symbol of female energy (Shakti). Shakti principle connected with water and underground kingdom power. The point upwards triangle was male energy principle (Shiva). Shiva symbolizes fire and celestial power. Combining two triangles together will form 6 ultimate star which means unification of male and female principle (Shiva - Shakti), the victory of spirit over matter. In ancient Europe point upwards triangle meant tongue of flame and male fire. Point down triangle meant water that go down from the mountain tops to the earth.

Triangle in numerology represented by number 3.

Symbolic meaning of triangle in Sacred Geometry:
birth - life - death,
body - mind - soul,
father - mother - child,
sky - earth - lower world,
Sun: life - heat - light.







25 March 2009


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24 March 2009



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I continue to share my mandalas with you. Drawing of Mandalas puts on at some point grid with certain set parameters. In such point grids can be included information framed into words, phrases, intentions or goals. This grid of points created in special principle of sacred geometry laws. The image of future mandala puts on the grid, uniting all points together. Drawing is completely intuitive and colors are chosen by author wishing. This painting gives a great benefit, because information enclosed in the grid works active and vibrates in space. For example, it could be words such as love, gratitude or happiness. By drawing mandalas on these grids you can explore aspects of your personality or enhance wishful personal qualities.

As you see, the range is great and all depends of your imagination. It’s actually working things - I've been assured by own experience. Drawing point mandalas is easy and gives big pleasure. Soon I will share with you point mandalas patterns of different subjects and you'll be able to draw them yourself. And for now I will show you my works. All mandalas have very positive charge. You can safely use them to intuitive meditation or contemplation.

Look on and enjoy:)

With love, Mirra Tana

22 March 2009

SACRED GEOMETRY: geometric forms


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Today I will tell you about meaning of point in Sacred Geometry. The point symbolizes the illusion unity of time and cosmic space. Point connected with the main consciousness light. It’s the symbolic beginning of all forms. Point is a lens through which Original source light passes. Number of multitude comes from the common one.

In various ancient legends about World birth the point was beginning of all. For example, in Egypt religion point inside the circle represented Deity, surrounded by eternity and circle symbolize the Almighty and Eternal God. In Indian philosophy major principle also represented by point (Bindi) and is the foundation of entire Universe, including our reality. In Islam the light of Muhammad understands like first creature of God, emerged in the form of glowing point long before the human creation.

By point can be described as infinitely small (nucleus of atom) and the infinitely large (Universe). The point is the beginning and unity of all dimensions and forms. It is the primary principle of all figures.
Point in the circle is the fundamental basis of all Mandalas. Points built one after other, provide a line, which symbolizes arrow, and it serves warrior on the path of gaining knowledge.

Sacred Geometry is closely connected to numerology. Each geometric form has its own number. To the point complies the 1 number. Accordingly 1 is a principle of all numbers forming.

The symbolic point meaning in sacred geometry: beginning, center, male principle, source of consciousness, Spirit, Absolute, birth, silence, emptiness, existence.

POINT IN CIRCLE (primordial mandala)

21 March 2009



Hello, my Dear friends! Time to time I will share with you various mandalas, which I did myself. Hope it brings delight to you. Enjoy it!

20 March 2009

SACRED GEOMETRY: geometric forms


Sacred Geometry has a great connection with spiritual practices. Following these laws closer us to the comprehension of the Spirit and the essence of things. It allows to experience an expanded state of consciousness, connects us with the highest potentials of conscious, restoring the memory of human infinite possibilities.

Geometric symbols are visual tools that configure us with harmonious rhythms of nature. The Universe is unified mechanism that works in accordance of rhythm laws. These laws are hidden in the nature and each form is created on the basis of them. Without rhythm existence, it could not be Universal connection of things. Sunrises and sunsets, moon phases, sea fluxes and refluxes are rhythms. And we, people are the embodiment of rhythm. It means that with relevant experience and knowledges we can change our own rhythm in the right direction.

The ancient yogis believed that learning rhythm control leads the person to immortality. The chaos begins when the rhythm is broken, which gives mental instability and body illness. When we meditate or contemplate, we tune and set our internal rhythm with the rhythm of the world.

Simple correct shapes of Universe like cosmic vitamins, which supply valuable substances to our soul. They could be antidote of visual pollution, which we often are exposed. Every thought and every image leave a neurochemical trace in our mind. Geometric symbols stimulate these traces and reveal the mind to understanding the life processes. If you will meditate long time for the selected image or situation, you’ll see how symbolic form of geometric shape crystallizes at your subconscious, which corresponds idea, intent or thought of meditating. Applying this method, we resonate in unison with Universal order. There is a merger of human consciousness with the harmony of Universal consciousness, the mind connects with Divine.

These basic principles of nature help us to gain vital harmony and balance. It allows to accepting our existence and enjoying the life. I will tell you what images and geometric shapes can be effectively used to meet the challenges and achievements of the various states. This will help bring balance to the different aspects of your life and your attitude towards them. I'll start with the most basic geometric shapes and structures gradually moving to more multiple.

It’s end for today, my friends. And tomorrow I plan to tell you about the most basic figure of sacred geometry, which is called - the point and from which all starts:)

P.S. In my collection there is wonderful mandala, which I like so much. Just want to share its warmth and love with you. Enjoy!


19 March 2009



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Today I would like to tell you about Navajo ritual of mandala creation. The image of mandala is used in many ancient cultures. Each culture created its own mandalas according to their goals and tasks. Navajo is the second largest Native American tribe after Cherokee. There are about 240,000 Navajos in the Southwest. Navajo call themselves - Dine, which means Holy People.

photo by Earl Waggoner, 1959

Indians Navajo tell that Holy People (gods) taught them to create sand mandalas; they still continue to manage ritual for creation of each mandala. This ancient ritual with chanting of special spells is a part of a healing ceremony. It is believed that during the ceremony Earth People and Holy People come together in harmony and give healing and protection.

Many mandalas include images of Yei, Navajo spirits. Shaman asks Yei to enter into the mandala to help them to heal a sick person and to restore a harmony of energies.
To create Mandalas Indians used red sand, yellow ocher, flour, crushed gypsum and charcoal, pollen, grind petals of flowers and bark. blending of these ingredients makes a required color. Mandala is created on a flat sandy land during a period from dawn to dusk or from dusk to dawn. It must be accurately reproduced, without changing. It is believed that changes in mandala may prevent the spirits enter into it, or even cause their anger. Navajo say that each mandala - is sacred recipe similar to the chemical formula. Studying of a healing ceremony takes many years. Shaman should just remember all the details of drawing mandalas and know by heart all the spells that can be very long.

During the ceremony of healing the patient sits in a mandala face to the east. It is believed that this is a direction whence the Holy People will come, will fill in the mandala and it’s their healing power. After over a sick read magical songs mandala is transferred to his body. Shaman dips fingers into the ritual herbal tincture, touches them to the mandala, and then render the patient sand mandala. When the ritual is finished, destroy the mandala. Sometimes the ceremony, participants may leave little the sand itself. They placed him in a small bag, which is on the neck. But the bulk of the sand remains at the disposal of the shaman. He scatters this valuable sand in all six directions, ranging from east. First, east, then south, west, north, and finally, a symbolic gesture throws up a handful of sand - the Father-heaven, and down - Mother Earth.

The ceremony finishes with a prey-song:

In beauty I go,
With beauty in front of myself I go,
With beauty over myself I go,
With beauty around myself I go,
Beauty is manifested in everything,
Beauty is manifested in everything,
Beauty is manifested in everything.

Navajo ritual healing mandalas





Navajo modern mandalas examples