02 March 2009


Main topics of this blog are Mandala, Yantra and meditative practices associated with that knowledge.

Mandala is a symbolic image that represents a symmetrical concentric form a complex structure often interpreted as a model of the universe.
Be prepared for rather unusual and truly useful information. I assure you that there will be mass of high-quality, fascinating and rare practical material. All this can enrich your life and send you in the right direction. I'm not going to put heavy philosophical concepts and complex debilitating mental and physical practices. All will be accessible and easy to use.

I am a painter. During a long time I worked as designer in a variety of fields. My interest in all kinds of spiritual practices began during college years, when such information was properly concealed in our country. 5 years ago I was invited in Moscow to a workshop devoted to the study of sacred geometry and the creation of Mandala on the basis of fundamental knowledge. The seminar leader was an amazing woman who dedicated her life studying laws of constructing magic Mandalas. Her name is Ursula Irrgang, she lives in Germany. I plunged into the study and application of the system. It led me to the wonderful changes of my life. We became friends with Ursula, and I organized a few workshops. 

During this time I accumulated a huge amount of material that I want to share with you. So the mandala method became the most successful and appropriate practice for me from many things that I have seen and tried. I can safely say that using this tool, you would be surprised your results and the simplicity of its application. You can take mandalas from my blog and learn how to create mandalas by yourself. Mandalas would enter your life and will be your real friends. They can heal and harmonize every area of your life, anything you want. I would like to add that the most surprising thing, in my opinion, is the property of Mandala to work autonomously even when you're not near them.

Are you ready to go to a fascinating world of Mandala?

The path length of a thousand miles begins with one step ... Make this step in green silky grass bringing you joy and satisfaction in your life!

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