24 March 2009



Hey all!
I continue to share my mandalas with you. Drawing of Mandalas puts on at some point grid with certain set parameters. In such point grids can be included information framed into words, phrases, intentions or goals. This grid of points created in special principle of sacred geometry laws. The image of future mandala puts on the grid, uniting all points together. Drawing is completely intuitive and colors are chosen by author wishing. This painting gives a great benefit, because information enclosed in the grid works active and vibrates in space. For example, it could be words such as love, gratitude or happiness. By drawing mandalas on these grids you can explore aspects of your personality or enhance wishful personal qualities.

As you see, the range is great and all depends of your imagination. It’s actually working things - I've been assured by own experience. Drawing point mandalas is easy and gives big pleasure. Soon I will share with you point mandalas patterns of different subjects and you'll be able to draw them yourself. And for now I will show you my works. All mandalas have very positive charge. You can safely use them to intuitive meditation or contemplation.

Look on and enjoy:)

With love, Mirra Tana


  1. There is such beauty and positive energy in your mandalas! Thank you for sharing them.


  2. Thanks my Dear friends! Big pleasure for me to share with you what I have.
    Love and peace!