22 March 2009

SACRED GEOMETRY: geometric forms


Hello, my Dear readers!

Today I will tell you about meaning of point in Sacred Geometry. The point symbolizes the illusion unity of time and cosmic space. Point connected with the main consciousness light. It’s the symbolic beginning of all forms. Point is a lens through which Original source light passes. Number of multitude comes from the common one.

In various ancient legends about World birth the point was beginning of all. For example, in Egypt religion point inside the circle represented Deity, surrounded by eternity and circle symbolize the Almighty and Eternal God. In Indian philosophy major principle also represented by point (Bindi) and is the foundation of entire Universe, including our reality. In Islam the light of Muhammad understands like first creature of God, emerged in the form of glowing point long before the human creation.

By point can be described as infinitely small (nucleus of atom) and the infinitely large (Universe). The point is the beginning and unity of all dimensions and forms. It is the primary principle of all figures.
Point in the circle is the fundamental basis of all Mandalas. Points built one after other, provide a line, which symbolizes arrow, and it serves warrior on the path of gaining knowledge.

Sacred Geometry is closely connected to numerology. Each geometric form has its own number. To the point complies the 1 number. Accordingly 1 is a principle of all numbers forming.

The symbolic point meaning in sacred geometry: beginning, center, male principle, source of consciousness, Spirit, Absolute, birth, silence, emptiness, existence.

POINT IN CIRCLE (primordial mandala)


  1. This is a great post!!! Excellent work. I think people would have to study more from the past. There are great things and philosophies to discover there... This is the only way to make our lives better. We have forgotten the past...

  2. Thanks, that you liked post. Absolutely agree with your comment. In future I will open this and other topics wider. You're welcome:)

  3. Another excellent post - I am interested in astrology and the point in the circle, is the symbol for the Sun in a horoscope, a persons Sun is his 'calling'- It also reminds me of a blank birthchart before 'the person' is plotted into it. In a way a birthchart is a personal mandala maybe? Thanks again.