04 March 2009



MANDALA is a geometric composition, symbolizing spiritual, cosmic and psychic order. In Sanskrit «Mandala» means «circle», and even when the basis of this geometric composition consists of squares or triangles, it still has concentric structure. It symbolizes the desire for spiritual center. Amazing feature of all Mandalas is high harmony of visual elements, symbolizing the divine harmony and order. Mandala is a way to achieve completeness in understanding of our self. The basis of Mandalas is a cosmic spiritual code hence they have a very high vibration. When you just look at the mandala, your brain begins to integrate light (left hemisphere) and sound (right hemisphere) and balances hemispheres. Mandalas fill the entire system of our body with a light. They have purifying and harmonizing effect to the body, soul and mind.

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  1. Hi Mirra, I'm totally fascinated with sacred geometry and how patterns and colors can change or influence their environment. I love love love the light grid mandala's and i want to use/make some to put on tshirts. Is there a site you can recommend which will explain to me how to calculate and make them myself? Or can you tell me? And what makes a mandala a healing one, or one for peace how do we know or make this? Thank you so much for your answer, my name is kim, my email: kimmeling@hotmail.com i hope to hear from you!! Lots of light and love xxxxxoxxxxx