04 March 2009



Light Mandalas are lattice resonance patterns with the light grids of the cosmos and the Earth grids. They are mathematically based on the Fibonacci sequence accurately calculated and understandable. The Fibonacci sequence, in the golden cut system, was already known in all highly developed ancient cultures. Its examples are found in temples, churches and pyramids and also in art and music, in all living organisms. Leonardo Fibonacci, known under the name of Leonardo of Pisa (1180 - 1250) was the Italian mathematician at the court of Emperor Frederick II. The sacred geometry is the language of light, composed from numbers, colors, form and sound with their own different frequencies, which constitute a harmony. The Light grid Mandala is an ancient deep wisdom and science that we can support, in a simple yet effective way to harmonize mind, soul and body. Light grid mandala can heal from negative influences. Light Grid Mandalas delight the people by their beauty and harmony and divine restore structures. Anyone can use it including doctors, surgeons, therapists and others.


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