04 April 2009



Greetings to all!
In a recent article I told about importance of the chakras. This article was introductory to further submitted material here were understandable and easy to use on practice. Today there will be about how you can use light mandalas for harmonizing and balancing your chakras.

First, print your chakra mandalas on a color printer. The size of mandala is not important, it could be small, for example 5 x 5 cm or more, at your discretion.

Select a suitable place for meditation, where nobody distracts you. You can turn on the meditative music which creates a nice background. Take convenient position of the body, such as sitting on a chair or on the floor. If possible, keep your back and head straight. You must be comfortable. Place the mandala before eye level, approximately at a distance of 1 meter. Concentrate on your breathing. Contemplate the mandala, defocused eye. Breathe slowly and rhythmically, imagining, as with breaths you inhale light of mandala, which fills the chakra of love and divine warmth. And when you doing exhalation, imagine, how stress, tiredness or negative emotions leave you and dissolve. Continue it for 10 - 15 minutes.

From my own experience, I can say that process of each chakra must be from 3 to 7 touches (days). You must process daily, not more than three chakras, in order to prevent overstrain. Upon completion of all cycles of this mandala-meditation you can come back to it again, if you feel desire or necessary.

The sequence of the chakras may be different. Usually, in similar meditative practices, used sequence from muladhara chakra (root) to sahasrara chakra (crown). This is the standard working scheme, which many apply successfully. I recommend starting with anahata chakra (heart center), because it is the central chakra of the energy human body and its harmonization positively affect all the chakras as a whole. Thus, subsequent meditation cycles will be more smooth and efficient. I saw this on my own experience, when practicing various versions of this meditation. As you know, anahata is source of comprehensive unconditional love. And the power of love gently removes all obstacles in its path, transforming them into divine light.

After working with anahata chakra, use the normal sequence (muladhara - sahasrara), or listen to inner voice that tells you your own order. If you have any difficulties in practice, please do not hesitate ask questions. I will answer and help you with pleasure. Questions can be posted here or e-mail: mandalland@gmail.com

With love, Mirra Tana


  1. Nice post.I have rose quartz everybody say that it is the stone that opening the hearth's chakra,I dont know its opening or not but I like it:) Thx for info.

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  3. Yes, you are right about rose quartz. It is good for anahata chakra and clears from negative energies. From time to time quartz should be cleaned with sunlight and running water. All stones are living beings and feel all emotions which you eradiate. Be positive:)
    Love and peace.